hyperpigmentation treatment

Hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone has been part of my life for quite sometime now. I have this uneven skin color on my shoulder, possibly from the bra straps I used to use. I’ve tried a lot of products but only these three made my skin completely free of uneven skin.

Here’s how I did it:

I used a whitening scrub.

The main purpose of me using a whitening scrub is to get rid of my dead skin cells. Why do I need to do that? Simply because any kind of skin lightening product would not be able to penetrate my skin if I don’t remove my dead skin cells. Having dead skin cells is the same thing as having a barrier or blockage in your pores that would prevent the skin lightening ingredients from penetrating the skin. This is why I need to remove it with a whitening scrub. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know that removing dead skin cells is a must and cannot be skipped in order to really see results from using any kind skin whitening products.

I used a kojic soap everyday (still using it for maintenance)

This kojic soap is unbelievable! I mean totally unbelievable. Before I started using it, I didn’t have that much faith in it since I’ve tried so many brands already. I was at the point where I felt tired of trying. However, this soap really surprised me with great results. Here’s how I used it: I washed my body with my normal body wash (Caress) and scrubbed it with a loofah. Then after washing it off with water, I used the kojic soap and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. I then washed with cold water.

Tip: It would be better to wash your body with your fave body wash first, use the whitening scrub then the kojic soap.

I used a skin lightening lotion.

After washing my body with the soap, I immediately applied my skin lightening lotion. It’s very important to use a lightening lotion after using a whitening soap because of two things. First, you need to moisturize. The kojic soap is extremely strong and it micropeels the skin. If you don’t use a lotion after using the soap, then your skin will look ashy. Also, when you use a lightening lotion, you’re basically soaking your skin with whitening ingredients – which is a must.


I’m still using all of the products but I now just use it for maintenance. Rather than using it everyday, I’m now using it 2 to 3 times a week.

How long it took before I started seeing results:

It took approximately eight weeks before I started seeing results.* I was actually surprised because it even out my skin tone and got rid of my hyperpigmentation.

My advice to you:

Be patient and consistent. Hyperpigmentation is tough to get rid of but with patience, consistency and by using effective products, you will get rid of it in no time. Don’t assume that you will see results right away because it’s no magic. I wish that there’s such thing that can get rid of it instantly.

My before and after pictures:

Disclaimer: *Results will vary based on skin type.

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